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Iceland is an incredible landscape photography adventure, formed by fire and ice over the millennia. It is a landscape photographer's wonderland. Iceland is a volcanic island full of rugged mountains, geothermal activity, glaciers, and amazing icebergs.  Only slightly larger than Ireland, it is packed with natural wonders. See some of the amazing landscapes I was able to experience on my journey.

New Zealand

New Zealand has a variety of breathtaking landscapes and geographical features throughout that will delight any photographer. Spectacular glaciers, picturesque fjords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forest, volcanic plateau, miles of coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches--it's all there.


Nepal has the biggest altitude change of any country on Earth. The lowlands are at sea level and the mountains of the Himalayas are the tallest in the world. Mount Everest rises to 29,035 feet (8,850 meters) and is the world's highest peak. Nepal encompasses a rich culture and has a variety of ethnic groups and religions. Nepal offers endless landscape and cultural photography opportunities.



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