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Photoshop CC 2019 (v20) Released

​Fresh off the press is an updated version of Adobe Photoshop CC, v20.0. This release has quite a number of new features that will be applicable to a wide variety of graphic artists, including landscape photographers. Since Adobe is now distributing Photoshop CC via software-as-a-service (SaaS), updating is as easy as clicking a button in the Adobe Create Cloud applet. 

​What's New

​Content Aware Fill

​Radically overhauled, it now has an entirely new workspace. ​​​You are now able to modify the sampling area, change fill settings, and review the final result in the output panel. Live change preview really make this feature pretty powerful.

Multiple Undo

​Now consistent with other Adobe apps, Control-Z/Command-Z allows you to undo/re-do multiple steps. Minor tweak, but good for consistency.

​​​Frame Masking Tool

​You can drag and drop an adobe stock picture or a local disk image right into a masked area the it will be automatically filled.

​​​Quick Text Editing

Long overdue, you can now simply double click on text to edit it without having to switch into the tools mode. Yippee!

Live Blend Modes

​Always wondered what the different blend modes would do to your photo, but didn't have the time to try each one? Now just hover over the blend mode and in real time you get an instant preview. Quickly review each one and settle on what's best for you.​​​

Symmetry Mode

Several tools such as brush, pencil and mixer brush now can be used in various symmetrical patterns. Patterns such as vertical, parallel, diagonal, circle, etc. Make extremely complex graphics with a few strokes.

Color Wheel

​Quickly locate complimentary colors on the color wheel, or other harmonious combinations. ​​​

Home Screen

Lauch Photoshop CC 20.0 and you will now see recent files you have opened, and learning content.

Number Field Math

Do simple math like division in a number field. Useful in canvas sizing or other fields where you need a simple calculation.


​Several of the new features are quite useful, such as the much improved content aware fill. And others are just minor usability enhancements, but all of them add up. There are a couple of other new features that I didn't cover, but are in the video below by PiXImperfect, so check it out!

​What's new Video

​If you want a video with full demos of what's new in Photoshop CC 20.0, I found a great video on Youtube by PiXImperfect that's really outstanding. Click below to see all the new features for yourself.



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