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Secrets to the Nikon Autofocus System Review

Secrets to the Nikon autofocus system by .

I recently stumbled upon an amazing ebook, Secrets to the Nikon Autofocus system by Steve Perry. I’ve been a Nikon shooter for a number of years, after switching from Canon. However, my subjects are typically stationary since I’m more of a landscape/cityscape shooter. However, autofocus is still quite important. I recently got a Nikon D850, which has the same highly advanced autofocus system as the flagship Nikon D5. So I knew I needed some help in understanding all of the features. The Secrets to the Nikon autofocus system is nearly 500 pages, and exclusively talks about every minute detail about the various AF systems in Nikon bodies. Geeky, yes! Detailed, yes! Useful? Extremely!

After plowing through the 500 pages, I was blown away with all of the options Nikon gives you. And what’s great about the book is that many different shooting scenarios are covered (wildlife, action, static, etc.) and the pros and cons to various autofocus configuration options. It covers a number of bodies including D850/D5/D500, D7200, D750/D7500, D4/D4s/D8xx, D7100, D600/D610, D7000, D5200-D5600, and D3xxx. Yes, his latest version has the D850!

The book is humorous, highly informative, easy to read, and aimed at all Nikon users from moderate expertise to advanced pros. Nearly every page has a screenshot or example on it, with clear easy to follow explanations. Even if you are just a semi-casual Nikon shooter, I would highly recommend this book.

Topics that Steve Perry covers include:

  • Basics
  • Alternative focus methods (back button focus, front button AF)
  • AF area modes
  • Live View
  • Custom settings for autofocus
  • Special customizations
  • Lens controls (focus mode switch, focus limit switch, etc.)
  • AF logic (contrast detection, phase detection, PDAF tracking, etc.)
  • Autofocus fine tuning
  • Focusing techniques
  • Overcoming tough situations
  • 10 reasons why you photos aren’t sharp

Best of all, the book is just $16.97 (as of this writing) and is a PDF e-book. So it’s easy to take along on shoots..just load it on your phone or tablet. You can order it here, and also see some examples that Steve has on his site.

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